After 35 wonderful years Media Concepts, Inc. is no longer open. We have closed our doors due to the recent passing of the owner.
My name is Amanda and I will be the contact person closing the books. My contact information will be listed below.

If you have an outstand balance with MCI we will be getting in touch with you in the coming weeks.
If we have an outstanding balance with you please email us with an invoice.

If you have a project with us and would like to pick it up please email us with your full name and what the items are.
If you have items on consignment please email your full name, the date you brought in the item(s) and a description of the item(s).

We will be doing all business by appointment only. Please feel free to email any questions you may have.

Amanda Richardson

Email: Air11388@gmail.com

Thank you!


*Please note the balance of the work done is due at pick up. We are no longer accepting credit cards; only cash, check or money order.